Explore the abundant wildlife of the Daly River Region.

Prior to European settlement the Daly River area was an important traditional meeting place for Aboriginal people to trade and hold ceremonies.

The river comprises a broad range of rich and diverse habitats supporting a vast array of species such as migratory birds, native marsupials, reptiles and fish which in turn provide abundant resources for Traditional custodians and local Aboriginal communities.

The traditional owners of the upper reaches of the Daly River and the surrounding area are the Malak Malak people, some of whom live in Nauiyu and in the downstream community of Wooliana.


Fishing on the Daly River


Being the home of the two premier barra fishing competitions it is not surprising that Banyan Farm prides itself in catering for the needs of barra fisherman, whatever their level of experience.

Wildlife Watching


Activities other than fishing include hand feeding the numerous wallabies that frequent the park, bird watching at one of the large and secluded billabongs on the property and safely observing crocodiles and other native animals.

Activities at Banyan Farm


Banyan Farm also hold a weekly craft day during the dry season. Or just simply enjoy the tranquil surroundings while swimming and lounging in the shady pool enclosure.

Local Attractions

Nauiyu Community

Nauiyu is a small and peaceful community nestled on the banks of the Daly River.

  • 11 km’s on a fully sealed Road from Banyan Farm.
  • Welcomes visitors, no permit is required.
  • Nauiyu has a well stocked store.
  • Fuel is available – check for trading times.
  • Mechanical workshop – week days.
  • Catholic Church has regular services.
  • Nauiyu has a sealed airstrip.
  • Health Clinic for emergencies
  • Merrepan Arts Festival

The Old Coppermine

Machinery relics of the Northern Territory’s first commercial mining enterprise and the graves of four mine employees are visible on a Discovery Trail to the site.

Daly River Crossing

Daly River Crossing is a popular fishing and boating area with scenic surrounds and diverse wildlife. Powerful saltwater crocodiles lurk beneath the tranquil waters and millions of migratory birds visit the area each year.

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Upcoming Events

Banyan Farm Tourist Park is the preferred location for two of the Australia’s biggest fishing competitions, The Barra Nationals and The Barra Classic.

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