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Solid-solution copper alloys with high strength and high ...

that exhibit high strength and conductivity by using solid-solution hardening enhanced by supersaturation with Mg. Cu–Mg alloy has a conductivity at least three times higher than that of the representative solid-solution Cu–Sn while retaining comparable strength. Cu–Al–Mg alloy showed greater strength and conductivity than Cu–Sn.

Elmedur HA - Wieland Duro

Precipitation hardened copper alloy with very high hardness and good electrical and thermal conductivity. Products Rods drawn or extruded in round square and flat; discs and rings forgings electrodes for spot- seam- projection- and butt welding castings on request (Available sizes can be found in our current stock list).

P-750-490 PADDLE HOLDER - Tuffaloy Resistance Welding Products

RMWA Class 2 material is high conductivity and high strength alloy recommended for structural current carrying secondary components and electrode holders. This is a heat treatable alloy used in the fully heat treated condition. The mounting shank diameter is 0.75 IN; A 10 - 32 Tap Hold Screw holds the tip in place; The mounting shank length is ...

Pure Copper Electrode | Electrodes & Alloys | Selectrode ...

For joining and build-up on copper parts requiring corrosion resistance and thermal and/or electrical conductivity. Pure copper electrode for joining and build-up. Smooth arc characteristics allow easy joining of copper. Weld metal is extremely dense. High purity of weld metal allows for joining dissimilar grades of copper.

A high strength and high conductivity copper alloy prepared ...

This alloy exhibits a good combination of high strength and high electrical conductivity. The tensile strength of the alloy is 523.7 MPa which is 100 MPa higher than that of the ingot metallurgy materials . With a little decrease of electrical conductivity the tensile strength of the alloy is 70 MPa higher than that of a PM/RS Cu–0.5 wt.% Cr alloy .

Naturally Hard Copper Alloys - Electrical Contacts

Copper-Zinc Alloys Test (Brasses) Copper-zinc alloys are widely used as contact carrier materials in switching devices for electrical power engineering because of their high electrical conductivity the higher mechanical strength combined with good formability compared to pure copper Table 1 and Table 2 and at the same time their reasonable economic costs.

N Trojan - Columbia Metals

The additional strength has also widened the application areas served by traditional copper nickel silicon alloys. Trojan is a high copper alloy with small additions of nickel and silicon that combine to increase the strength hardness and wear resistance of the material while retaining many of the physical benefits of copper itself.

Investigation on the Cu–Cr–RE alloys by rapid solidification ...

Cu–Cr alloys are an important electrical engineering material which exhibit high-temperature strength while maintaining high heat conductivity and high electrical conductivity. They are used in welding electrodes incandescent lamp leadwires high-voltage switches and so on . There is a scope for improving their performance and quality by ...

Luvata | Weld Wheels

Kova® - the 'beryllium-free' alloy made of copper nickel silicon and chromium (CuNiSiCr). Kova is a high-strength beryllium-free precipitation hardening alloy with medium-high electrical and thermal conductivity. Kova is the perfect replacement for harmful beryllium copper alloys. Benefits: Easy to machine and form; Extended use due to hardness

EP2377958B1 - High-strength high-conductivity copper alloy ...

High-strength high-conductivity copper alloy rolled sheet and method for producing same Download PDF Info Publication number EP2377958B1.

KR101213801B1 - High strength and high conductivity copper ...

The high strength high-conductivity copper alloy tube rod wire contains 0.13-0.33 mass% of Co 0.044-0.97 mass% of P 0.005-0.80 mass% of Sn and 0.00005-0.050 mass% of O Has a relationship of 2.9≤ ([Co] -0.007) / ([P] -0.008) ≤6.1 between the content of [Co] mass% and the content of P [P] mass% and the balance of Cu and inevitable impurities It is set as the alloy composition which ...

Cadi Company Inc. - Copper Alloy Rod Bar Plate Coil.

Cadi Company is a quality manufacturer of resistance welding components and a master distributor of high conductivity copper alloys for over 4 decades. 800-243-3650 Toggle navigation

High strength and conductivity copper matrix composites ...

Development of high-strength high-conductivity Cu-Ag alloys for high-field pulsed magnet use Appl. Phys. Lett. 59 ( 23 ) ( 1991 ) pp. 2965 - 2967 10.1063/1.105813 View Record in Scopus Google Scholar

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