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COPPER: • Copper (Cu) atomic weight 63.546 is a soft malleable and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity from the group of Coinage metals in the modern periodic table. • There are 29 isotopes of copper. 63Cu and 65Cu are stable with 63Cu comprising approximately 69% of naturally occurring copper.

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Phosphor Bronze - Copper Alloy UNS C52400

The phosphor bronze copper alloy UNS C52400 is a combination of copper tin and phosphorus. The presence of tin in the alloy contributes to the strength and corrosion resistance whereas phosphorus enhances the stiffness and resistance to wear. The phosphor bronze alloys have excellent spring qualities formability and solderability.

Dispersion Strengthened Copper Alloys: Part Two :: Total ...

In order to increase strength of copper at high temperatures precipitation hardening and oxide dispersion strengthening or both of these mechanisms can be used. GLIDCOP AL-60 (C15760) is primarily designed for applications requiring the highest elevated temperature strength coupled with relatively high electrical and thermal conductivities.

eFunda: Properties of Alloy Steel UNS C15760

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Classification of copper and copper alloys

Classification of copper and copper alloys 1. CLASSIFICATION OF COPPERAND COPPER ALLOYS 2. Designated of alloys1. WROUGHT ALLOYSDESIGNATED C16000 - C79999FORGEDROLLEDHOT AND COLD WORK CAN BE DONEGeneric name UNS numbers CompositionWrought alloysCoppers C10100-C15760 >99%CuHigh-copper alloys C16200-C19600 >96%CuBrasses C20500-C28580 Cu-ZnLeaded brasses C31200-C38590 Cu-Zn-PbTin brasses C40400 ...

Copper Alloys C10200 Products Chemical Mechanical Properties ...

Copper Alloys C10200 Applications: Used for electrical and electronic conductors wave guides cavity resonators superconductor matrixes vacuum tube and solid-state devices and glass-to-metal seals. Copper Alloys C10200 Machinability: The machinability rating of this alloy is 20. (Where Alloy 360 FC Brass is 100). Copper Alloys C10200 Forming

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UNS C15760 is a Copper Alloy grade Wrought Copper Alloy.It is composed of (in weight percentage) 98.9% Copper (Cu) and 1.1% Al (2)0 (3). Another common designation of UNS C15760 copper alloy is UNS C15760.

eFunda: Properties of Copper Alloy UNS C15760

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